Kriya Yoga


Kriya Yoga was first introduced to the West in 1920 by the renowned Yoga Master Paramhansa Yogananda. Kriya is an ancient yogic technique (described in Yogananda’s spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi) as the airplane route to God. It is a simple yet highly effective meditation practice designed to release negative emotions, habits and a wide variety of inner obstacles paving the way for higher states of consciousness and soul freedom.

Kriya Yoga Initiation Los Angeles

Kriya Yoga Initiation, Los Angeles

Ananda offers Kriya Yoga initiations in Southern California twice a year, Spring and Fall. In preparation for taking the initiation there is a training period lasting about 6 months. Preparation to receive the Kriya technique consists of four levels of classes. These are offered on a regular basis throughout the year.

Level One (Learn to Meditate) is a six-weeks course, focused on learning the subtle art of meditation. It is open to both beginner and advanced students.

In this series you will learn the Hong Sau technique of Meditation. Hong Sau is designed to increase powers of concentration and introspection while helping to still the mind and calm the heart. The course also offers many tips on how to meditate effectively, establish a daily meditation routine, and how to integrate the benefits of meditation into your daily life.

Level Two (The Art and Science of Raja Yoga), is a twelve-weeks course offered to beginner and advanced students (prerequisite: completion of the Learn to Meditate course). This course draws its inspiration from Swami Kriyananda’s excellent book, The Art and Science of Raja Yoga.
Raja Yoga dives deep into many aspects of the spiritual path including: developing positive magnetism, affirmation, the chakras (spinal centers), the Guru disciple relationship, Yoga postures, diet, and healing techniques.

In addition we will continue to reinforce the importance of Yogananda’s energization exercises, an important contribution to the art and science of Yoga, that were taught in the Learn to Meditate course.

Discipleship and Ananda South Bay

Discipleship at Ananda South Bay

Level Three (Discipleship) is a six-weeks course. The prerequisite for taking this course is to have completed the first two levels. We will explore the Guru-Disciple relationship in depth, and after completion of the six-weeks series, the participant decides whether to take the vow of Discipleship. A Discipleship Ceremony is then offered, after which, the Aum Technique of Meditation is taught. This technique helps one to listen and be absorbed by the mystical sounds that emanate from the chakras, awakening divine qualities such as inner calmness, soul expansion, unconditional love, and joy. The Discipleship Vow and The Aum meditation practice are required for those who feel inspired and would like to continue on to Kriya Preparation.

Level Four (Kriya Preparation) is a four-weeks course. This final level of the series is for those who want to take the Kriya initiation. We will review and practice Hong Sau, Aum and Energization and learn several preparatory techniques for Kriya.

Once all of these levels have been completed, qualified students are welcome to take part in the Kriya initiations offered at our Southbay Center, Los Angeles and Ananda Village.