Raja Yoga Course

The Art and Science of Raja Yoga is the second level in a series of four courses towards initiation into Kriya Yoga. This comprehensive, nine-weeks course offered to beginner and advanced students (must have completed the six-weeks Learn-to-Meditate course) draws its inspiration from Swami Kriyananda’s excellent book, The Art and Science of Raja Yoga.

This is the most comprehensive course on Yoga and Meditation available today, giving you a profound and intimate understanding of how to apply these age-old teachings on a practical, as well as spiritual, day to day level in this modern age.

Raja Yoga dives deep into many aspects of the spiritual path including: developing positive magnetism, affirmation, the chakras (spinal centers), the Guru disciple relationship, Yoga postures, diet, and healing techniques.

In these classes, we will also continue to reinforce the importance of the Energization Exercises and Relaxation and Meditation techniques learned in the Learn to Meditate course.

Apply these teachings and techniques in your daily life and you will attain your highest soul potential: true happiness, inner peace, and the dynamic joy of your soul.

With over 450 pages of text and photos to provide a complete and detailed presentation of hatha yoga (yoga postures), yoga philosophy, affirmations, meditation instructions, and breathing techniques, The Art and Science of Raja Yoga by author, and Paramhansa Yogananda‘s direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda, will be fully explored in this comprehensive course, and a copy of the book will be provided to you free of charge upon registration!

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Instructors:      Nayaswami Ramani                                  Brahmacharini Rose                                  Padma Haldar                                            Eleanor Johnson


Couse Fees :     $200.00                                                   (Includes course book)

Prerequisite:     Completion of Ananda’s                           Learn-to-Meditate class

To Register:      (310) 779-9131


Register early so you can have your copy of the course book ready on the first day of class!